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The Dance of the Vajra is a cycle of dances forming a special and effective practice for restoring and purifying the natural state of our whole being, allowing us to evolve to our real potential and naturally develop clarity and compassion toward ourselves and others. It benefits and rejuvenates us by harmonizing our physical, mental, and emotional condition. Twelve practitioners, six females and six males, dance together on a large Mandala of five colors, representing the correspondence between the internal dimension of the individual and the outer dimension of the world. The slow, coordinated movements as we softly sing and practice awareness together produce an experience of deep relaxation and a calm state of mind and help us integrate with the circumstances of the outer environment. The Dance of the Vajra That Benefits Beings can be practiced by anyone who wishes, and as long as its origin and integrity are always acknowledged and respected it can be used as a method to enrich any spiritual path. Chögyal Namkhai Norbu first introduced the Dance of the Vajra to his students in 1990. It is now practiced in various places and centers of the Dzogchen Community all around the world.

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