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Tashigar Norte´s budget is covered for the activities and fundraising events related to its IDC nature by up to 50 %. The other half is collected among the villagers who have property inside the Gar that is part of PCTN, another civil association that is the owner of the land where the Gar is located.


To be part of the village you can buy an available house or empty lot according to your desire. What you actually will acquire are shares of the civil association that will grant you the perennial use of the land you get as long you fulfill your financial responsibilities with the association. Only can join PCTN members of the IDC who match the following requirements:


  1. Be an active member of the IDC for more than three years.

  2. Have attended three Retretas with Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and/or Yeshi Namkhai.

  3. Present a recommendation letter issued by your local Gakyil.

  4. To pass an interview with a special committee composed of members of Tashigar Norte Gakyil and PCTN Board of Directors.

  5. Commit yourself to engage in the Gar activities and to pay the yearly maintenance fee.

  6. To respect the regulations and statutes of PCTN.


This consideration does not apply to the properties that are not inside Tashigar Norte land displayed on this site.


Price: US$ 70.000
Location: Zaragoza Beach

If you have memories of Zaragoza Beach, Shariputra, and Incommensurable Joy, perhaps you can recall this house. Placed a few meters from the Caribbean Sea, it is a perfect spot to live, to have a little investment like a beach restaurant, to rent. It has a first floor with a toilet, living room, and Kitchen and a second floor with a bedroom with a toilet and a balcony towards the Caribbean Sea. The house was generously donated by the Namkhai Family to Tashigar Norte. The 20 % of the sales income will be directed to Tashigar South, as our beloved Rosa has instructed us to do.


Price: US$ 10.000
Location: Pedro Gonzalez

Situated in the main square of Pedro Gonzalez (5 minutes from the Gar and Zaragoza Beach) 240 square meters of building plus 200 square meters of garden. It is composed of a large patio in the center, 2 bedrooms, a huge living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The house was kindly donated by Adriana DalBorgo. We dropped the price since the property needs some investments for repairing roof filtrations among other minor issues. NOT EQUIPPED.


Price: US$ 20.000

A beautiful house with 2 floors. On the first floor, you have a balcony with a view of an external garden, a kitchen, a living room, and a toilet. On the second floor is the bedroom. Approximately 65 square meters. This house belongs to Adriana DalBorgo and the property shares the same lot where Ralf Sterhle bought his house, which is an exact mirror of this one