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Gönpa floor restauration


Since the landslide of 2009 when 60 cubic meters of  mud were removed from the Gönpa, the terracota on the floor has been progressively peeling of. The project seeks to recover about 700 square meters of the floor. For donations please contact us at or click the Paypal button below.

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Gönpa roof waterproofing


Repair of water leaks, replacement of asphaltic blanket, and application of waterproofing products.


For donations please contact us at or click the Paypal button below.

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Crop diversification


Tashigar Norte is located on agricultural land. Hence the need to keep active the use of the land with a productive plantation. Originally we had Aloe Vera. We currently maintain a large area of the farm planted with perennial trees, including 90 mangoes, 10 tamarinds, 30 lemons, 50 dates, among others. The area of land where Aloe used to be, is intended for a new development of various crops. We are looking for specialists in the development of organic crops (highly desirable with application of Permaculture principles) for this project. The approximate area to be developed is 5 hectares. The sector has a main irrigation trunk.


For information please contact us at 

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For about 8 years a group of practitioners from Tashigar Norte has been promoting a project to rescue stray animals, mainly dogs and cats. During this period, the project has contributed to spay and neuter more than 500 animals and has provided shelter to several dozen of them. Currently the shelter has a population of 25 rescued between dogs and cats. This project does not receive funds from Gar's finances, but is self-managed by private collaborations.



If you have a creative spirit, in one of the Gar residences we have a small recording studio with a 16-channel interface, various string instruments, percussions, keyboards, wind instruments, and microphones, among others. If you are a lover of analog photography, a development darkroom equipped with a functional Durst CLS 500 enlarger is under development. Contact:

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